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Why do you need Zapeze

Our service enables you to completely erase all data on your computer after it has been stolen, therefore preventing all the risks outlined above. While it will not recover your stolen computer, it will prevent other, often much more serious damage.

Why worry about a stolen computer's data?

Our daily tasks become more and more dependent on mobile computers. In fact, our entire life is often archived inside our PCs. While most people try to protect themselves from online threats with firewalls, antivirus and anti-spyware software, many people fail to recognize the low-tech threats mobile computing poses: computers can be stolen or forgotten, and it happens all the time. It happened to CIA and MI-5 agents, it could happen to you or your employees. In fact, it is believed that 1 in 10 laptop computers is stolen during its lifetime.

Business users

Laptop computers of business users often contain information which, if exposed to outsiders, can bring considerable harm upon the enterprise. Laptop computers of business users often contain:

  • Trade secrets: plans, drafts, ideas for future products, source code for computer software, and so on. If these secrets are made public, it can severely hurt the corporation, sometimes beyond recovery.
  • Confidential financial information: The risk of exposure is especially high for publicly-traded companies.
  • Confidential technical information which can enable the thief to penetrate the company's internal network (for example, if VPN access with a weak or no password is set up on the laptop).
  • Private information about clients or employees: You competitors will be glad to get the list of your clients, along with key people's names and current contract details as stored in Outlook or other files on your PC. Moreover, exposing private information about your clients or employees is a considerable public relations and legal problem.
  • Any credit card information, banking or trading account logon information, as well as other passwords that may be stored in files on in your browser's password files is severely at risk if your laptop is stolen. Why take this chance?

Private users

You may think that nobody needs your files, or the emails from your grandpa. However, files inside your computer often contain enough information for a successful identity theft. Are you sure you know everything that's inside your computer? Hard disks of today are huge, and files seem to accumulate over the years, often with the information you would never want to be seen by anyone but you.

Digital photos pose another real problem: While you may consider pictures of your children completely innocent, some people have sick minds and may think differently. You would not want your photographs to end up in their hands.

More information about Zapeze

You can learn more about Zapeze on our web site, and then sign up for free 30-day trial and experience it firsthand.