ZapezeMobile Data Protection

Zapeze Security

We employ industry-wide 'best practices' in order to ensure your security and privacy. In particular:

  • All sensitive communications between the client and the server are authenticated and encrypted using HTTPS protocol, therefore Zapeze is safe to use on untrusted networks
  • Your login credentials are not stored on protected computers, so if one computer is compromised, a perpetrator cannot access or control other computers protected under your account.
  • Your password is stored in our database using strong one-way encryption so it is not recoverable even if the service security is compromised in any way.
  • Our forgotten password policy is quite clear: once you forget your password and request a password reset, all computers currently associated with your account are dissociated. Therefore, even if someone can access and read your email, and manages to reset your Zapeze password, your computers remain safe: no one can erase your data except you yourself.
  • Both client and server software is extensively tested on unit and on functional levels using automated tests to ensure conformance to specifications, compatibility and security.

If you still have concerns regarding security of this service, please contact our support team.