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Zapeze™ prevents identity theft and protects your sensitive data by allowing you to erase everything on your hard disk remotely, if your laptop or desktop computer has been stolen.

Bill's story (Why you need Zapeze)

Bill is a middle level sales executive. On his latest business trip, his laptop was stolen. He's not worried: all data has backups, and the laptop is insured against theft - he thinks this is just a minor inconvenience. Then, two weeks later, unauthorized charges appear on his credit card statement, a list of his company's clients (from his Outlook contacts) is sold to their competitor, and photos of his teenage daughter in a swimsuit appear on pedophiles' web sites. Bill should have had Zapeze (more reasons).

How much does Zapeze service cost?

You can try Zapeze free for 30 days. Afterwards, paid subscription is required. Your computers can be protected for as little as 66 cents/month per computer (subscription plans).

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (view all).

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