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Frequently Asked Technical Questions

How can I be sure your software will do its job when needed?

Our software includes a self-test facility. This self-test procedure goes through all the steps involved in data erasure, except for the actual act of overwriting. So, if the test succeeds, you can be reasonably sure that the service will perform as advertised if you issue the real wipe command, if the need arises.

What if some file is locked by a running application and cannot be erased?

Our client software is able to erase every file, no matter if it's locked by running software, or protected by restrictive access permissions. If the file is on your disk, our software can access and securely overwrite it. We support FAT, FAT32 and NTFS volumes of any size and configuration.

How often does the client software check for the presence of commands?

The client software connects to the server every 20 minutes, or whenever computer goes out of standby, or connects to the Internet, or if a user logs in.